About Agape Clean

Cleaning Rochester area homes and business since 2002.
Our History

Who We Are & Where We Came From

Agape Clean was founded in 2002 as a cleaning company, however our roots were established as far back as the 1990’s. Agape Clean was originally started as a home elder care provider service and was named “Agape Home Care”. We are no longer a elder care provider, but still provide excellent service with years of experience under our belts.

Why the name “Agape” ? Agape has two meanings. One meaning is to with your mouth wide open be surprised with wonder at how clean and shiny your house is when our team of enthusiastic professional cleaners finish cleaning your home. The second meaning refers to the highest form of love. God’s love toward us is called “Agape” in the Greek language used in the New Testament. Our company is based upon this principle. 

Our Mission

Agape Core Values

To work towards excellence in every aspect of what we do, including work performed, dress and appearance, interaction with others.
To preserve our vision to never lose sight of excellence.
To reach out to the local refugee community as a provider of local jobs.
To treat customers and employees and each other with dignity and the respect we deserve
Integrity in the work place.
To provide a service, that enhances local homes and business without causing disruptions, hassles, or inconvenience for our customers.
​What Our Core Values Mean for our Customers:
  • The same cleaning Technician each time – Unless they are sick or on vacation we will send you the same cleaner, each time. We do this because customers tell us that is what they like.
  • Quality Control Checklist filled out and signed each time – This becomes our personal promise to our bosses ( our customers ) that cleaner checked and signed that the job was done according to Agape Clean high standards.
  • We Arrive when we say we will – We will give you a 30 minute window, so you know when your cleaning technician will be coming.
Our Cleaning Technicians pledge this to you
  • I solemnly pledge that I will treat your home, business or school as if it’s reputation were my own. I will protect your reputation.
  • I will complete all the tasks on the job list in a professional manner.
  • I will strive to always improve my service to you my customer.
  • I will work towards excellence in every aspect of what I do including my work performed, how I dress and present myself and how I interact with others.
  • I will always strive to maintain excellent standards.
  • I promise to do my best and treat my customers and co-workers with dignity and respect.
  • I will not cheat my customers and will behave with integrity.
  • I will take precautions not to cause disruptions, hassles or inconvenience to my customers.

Client Testimonials

Rochester area business depends on Agape Clean.


“We have been using Agape Clean service since 2005. “Peace of mind” is the first thing that I think of to describe their services. I know they will come; they are completely dependable. I also never worry about staff turnover and the possibility of theft. They are completely honest and trustworthy. I don’t ever worry about hiding stuff, or putting it away because “the cleaners are coming”. They are very thorough. Being very busy running a growing company, checking if the cleaner is doing his job is never on my “to do” list. I just know it’s being done, and done well. They are also very reasonably priced. In all this time, once I did my due diligence to be sure we were paying a competitive rate, and that proved that this cleaning service pricing is very fair. It was a great decision to go with them back in 2005! “

Patriot Towers