Commercial Cleaning

Rochester’s best choice for commercial/business cleaning.
Our Difference

Why Choose Agape Clean For Commercial Cleaning

Agape Clean is Rochester’s choice for commercial cleaning. We have long term clients that have been with us over ten years.

As an office manager or business owner; you have enough things to do. Wondering if your office is being cleaned thoroughly should not be one of them. That is our job.

There are many issues that Agape Clean will “worry about” for you. There are three main issues that we “worry about” so you do not have to. We come up with plans, process and solutions to address these three main issues and are constantly looking for ways to improve in these areas.

Protecting Your Business

Loss Prevention

We understand that you are bringing total strangers into your facilities, often after hours. We know that one bad cleaner could destroy our reputation, and yours. My education is in psychology. That is why I interview all job candidates myself. I am looking not only for signs of a dependable and honest candidate, but a candidate that is emotionally and mentally responsible as well.

It is not just about cleaning. There are many do’s and don’ts when working in someone facility.

High Quality Standards

During our training: the trainees often comment about our high standards. Our cleaners know there is a difference between “wiping something” and cleaning it. We have an intensive commercial quality control program.

These are just some of the area’s that our cleaning technicians receive intensive training in.

Property Damage Prevention

For example: a vacuum cord can tear up drywall and baseboards if the cleaner is not professionally trained.


This topic covers so many areas: from keeping your property safe, to keeping the cleaner safe.

Curtesy and Respect for your Property
That means not leaving every light on in your business when they have completed cleaning an area. It also means not sitting down at your desk and eating a sandwich.
Staff Retention

To reduce staff turnover; we pay a fair wage, offer paid sick, holiday and vacation time, gas allowance, and even a contribution towards their personal vehicle repairs or upkeep. At Agape Clean we invest in our cleaning team.

Within the cleaning industry the number one reason given when staff quit is because of how they were treated by their supervisor. We teach our trainers to give positive constructive direction. And each of our cleaning technicians are given a constructive direction awareness experience to better understand the role of their supervisor.

Our Process

Seven Part Quality Control Program

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  1. Background checks on all cleaning technicians.
  2. All cleaning technicians receive both classroom and hands on training.
  3. Technicians work one on one with a supervisor the first several weeks, while they are evaluated for integrity.
  4. Cleaning Technician is required to do a Quality Control Checklist for every cleaning, with random photos.
  5. Unannounced observation and job performance checks by Quality Assurance Manager on regular basis.
  6. Feedback forms from you, our client.
  7. Check-up calls: after your first cleaning, and then every six months by Account Manager.
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What We Do

Commercial Cleaning Services Available

Re-occurring Cleaning Services
Monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, multiple times weekly, or daily.
Just once deep clean
Including sanitizing work areas using disinfectant.
Moving cleaning
We have everything needed to have your new location ready in pristine clean condition for you to move in.
Carpet Cleaning
Extraction method, and bonnet cleaning method available.
Floor Care
Finishing and waxing of untreated floors, scrubbing and buffing.
Window Cleaning
Your ground floor windows can be cleaned just once, or you can have us clean windows on a regular basis.

Cleaning Packages

What To Expect From Our Commercial Cleaning Services

1. We always do a walk thru

We do not give “estimates” over the phone. If all you are looking for is the cheapest price and a quick phone estimate, we probably will not be a good fit for each other. We take pride in the quality of our work, and part of that is building relationships. Think about it, don’t you want to see face to face who might be taking care of your facility, often after hours when your regular staff have gone home?

Business cleaning is not “one size fits all” cleaning. We always do a walk thru first. We ask that you allow uninterrupted time with our account manager, so that any clarify any areas we may have. Once we have a clear understanding of what you are looking for. We will work up a cleaning proposal for you to review. Usually that is presented to you within one business day.

2. We ask that you respond to our proposal

It is all a part of relationship building. We will ask you if you have any questions or concerns.

Once the proposal is approved, we will set up a schedule to begin your cleaning! You will receive a welcome packet. Within that packet you will find many important items including copies of proof of insurance, and a full color photo with some basic information about any cleaning technician that will be cleaning your facility.

3. Agape Clean Quality Assurance and safety director will do a safety assessment

Usually before the first cleaning. We will include in our job notes any emergency contact information, closing and locking up routine needed to safely secure your facility, address and safety / loss prevention issues, such as how to make an emergency outside call,  location of water, and the building safety features such as alarms and security as well as parking.

After your first clean we will ask you if there you were satisfied. Every six months we will ask you to do a 1-2-minute assessment of our cleaning. We would like a quick meeting with you every 6 months, just to see if you have ANY concerns or issues.

What we do behind the scenes: with every cleaning technician quality assurance does a weekly spot check. We do regular full “after job is competed” inspections. If we discover any issues, we follow up with them their very next working day.

We have semi-annual safety and loss prevention meetings as well as anti-harassment training.

They are required to use a check list for every cleaning.