Forced Vaccination or your Fired!

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Cleaning in the news

The country is facing a national labor shortage. Adding fuel to the fire is forced firing for not complying with the COVID-19 vaccination shot for any company with over 100 employees. There is the obvious constitutional violations, particular the ninth amendments implied right to privacy and to current rights as well as the violation of the unequal treatment clause. Companies with 90 employees are exempt, but those with 100 are not. That is a clear violation of the unequal treatment clause. That aside, will the surge of fired workers who refuse the vaccine open up opportunities within the cleaning industry? Probably so. High quality workers, who will not violate their own principles will begin seeking employment elsewhere. Employees that won’t violate their own principles, are exactly what cleaning companies look for. Why? Trust in employees is a huge issue when hiring. At Agape Clean, we do not (following constitutional law) do not ask the vaccination status of our employees. We do however follow universal precautions. the same as we did before the biological warfare from China hit U.S. soil. If a cleaning technician is experiencing flu like symptoms, we ask them to stay home. those coughing and sneezing must stay home until those symptoms exit the body. If they are recovering from the cold or flu, then by all means wear a facial mask and follow other protocols.

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