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Our Process

Seven Part Quality Control Program

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  1. Background checks on all cleaning technicians.
  2. All cleaning technicians receive both classroom and hands on training.
  3. Technicians work one on one with a supervisor the first several weeks, while they are evaluated for integrity.
  4. Cleaning Technician is required to do a Quality Control Checklist for every cleaning, with random photos.
  5. Unannounced observation and job performance checks by Quality Assurance Manager on regular basis.
  6. Feedback forms from you, our client.
  7. Check-up calls: after your first cleaning, and then every six months by Account Manager.
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Cleaning Packages

We Clean MORE “stuff”. See ​Our Checklist Below.

Please note: we can totally customize and make changes as you need.
Basic Clean
(Cleaned EVERY TIME):

We can add or take away based upon your needs.


  • Clean all counter space.
  • Clean outside all appliances.
  • Clean Inside of microwave.
  • Clean stove top.
  • Drip pans wiped.
  • Wipe outside all cabinets, Clean and dry sink, Wipe
  • kitchen table & chairs, Wipe tops of all wall hangings.


  • Clean & disinfect toilets inside and out.
  • Scrub inside tub / shower.
  • Clean shower doors.
  • Polish faucets and scrub shower heads and polish.
  • Sanitize door handles.
  • Clean and dry sinks.
  • Clean and dry soap dishes.
  • Clean mirrors.
  • Clean tissue and towel racks.
  • Wipe tops of all wall hangings.
  • Consolidate trash to kitchen.


  • Vacuum hard surface floors.
  • Mop hard surface floors.
  • Vacuum all carpets, Stairs vacuumed / wiped.


  • Feather dust high to reach places for cobwebs.
  • Ceiling fans feather dusted or wiped.
  • Wall hangings – tops wiped.
  • All flat surfaces wiped incl. sills.
  • Lamp shades vacuumed or wiped.
  • Light bulbs dusted.
  • Electric plate covers wiped.
  • Spots on walls wiped.
  • Consolidate trash to kitchen.
  • Clean windows of patio & entry doors.
  • Sweep & wipe threshold.
  • Wipe & sanitize all door handles.


  • Wipe outside of washer & dryer.
  • Clean utility sink
Deluxe Clean
(Cleaned on a ROTATING BASIS):

Everything in the basic clean plus the following


  • Drip pans thoroughly cleaned.
  • Wall hanging vertical surfaces wiped, Air Vents vacuumed, Window blinds feather dusted.
  • Inside range hood cleaned.
  • Microwave filters cleaned.
  • Doors and door frames wiped.
  • Baseboards wiped.
  • Hand wipe edges of floor
  • Knick Knacks individually cleaned


  • Tile grouting scrubbed.
  • Wall hangings vertical surfaces wiped.
  • Air vents vacuumed.
  • Window Blinds feather dusted.
  • Door frames, molding & baseboards wiped
  • Hand wipe edges of floor.
  • Fronts of cabinets wiped
  • Shower door giving detailed attention.
  • Knick knacks individually cleaned


  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed,
  • Wall hanging surfaces wiped,
  • All mirrors cleaned,
  • Air vents vacuumed
  • Window Blinds feather dusted,
  • Door frames and molding, Baseboards wiped,
  • Vacuum edging of carpets
  • Hand wipe edges of floors.
  • Knick Knacks individually cleaned
  • Move small furniture when vacuuming and under accessible furniture,
  • Furniture vertical surfaces wiped


  • Change linens and make beds
  • Wall hanging vertical surfaces wiped.
  • Air vents vacuumed.
  • Window blinds feather dusted.
  • Doors and door frames wiped.
  • Baseboards wiped.
  • Upholstered furniture vacuumed.
  • Carpet edges vacuumed.
  • Hand wipe edges of floor.
  • Knick Knacks individually cleaned.
  • Move small furniture when vacuuming and under accessible furniture / beds​.
These items can be joined with the basic plan for a deep one time clean
Moving Cleaning Basic Routine
Imagine coming into your new home, not having to clean.

Every Room Including Basement

  • Feather dust for cobwebs.
  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures wiped clean.
  • If reachable light bulb shades removed and cleaned and put back.
  • Baseboards, window sills, woodwork and molding wiped clean.
  • All air vents vacuumed
  • Electric plate covers meticulously cleaned.
  • Spots on walls wiped
  • Clean and sanitize all door handles
  • Any wall hangings, dusted or cleaned.


  • Clean and sanitize all counter space.
  • Clean outside of the refrigerator.
  • Pull out the refrigerator and clean floor under it and coils behind it
  • Meticulously clean outside of the stove.
  • Pull out stove if can safely do so to clean floor under it.
  • Clean inside of microwave
  • Wipe outside of all cabinets and drawers, giving extra attention to handles.
  • Clean, sanitize and dry sink.
  • Wipe inside of all cupboards and drawers
  • Inside / outside of range hood cleaned
  • Microwave filters cleaned
  • EXTRA CHARGE for Interior of refrigerator and oven cleaning


  • Clean & disinfect toilets inside and out, extra attention to under the rim.
  • Scrub tub and shower
  • Meticulously clean shower doors
  • Polish faucets & scrub shower heads and polish.
  • Clean, sanitize & dry sinks.
  • Clean & dry soap holders
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean tissue and towel racks
  • Ceiling fan vacuumed
  • Clean all cabinets & drawers inside and out.

Laundry Room

  • Wipe outside of washer & dryer.
  • Exposed pipes, hoses wiped clean.
  • Utility sink scrubbed, any mold removed and sanitize sink.

All Rooms - Floors

  • All hard surface floors swept, vacuumed and mopped, including edging of carpet.
  • All carpet floors vacuumed.
  • Hard surface floors sanitized
  • Stairs vacuumed or swept and moped

Extra charge for following services

  • Oven interior’ cleaned
  • Refrigerator interior cleaned and sanitized.
  • Window cleaning, including inside the window frame.

Additional time must be scheduled for the following services and scheduled separately:

Oven Cleaning | Refrigerator Interior Cleaning | Window Cleaning

General Pricing

​How much does our professional reoccurring cleaning service cost?

To get an accurate price, we come to your home and ask that you walk through your home with us. We take into account several factors, such as the number of items in each room, what kind of flooring the rooms have, and if there are any areas which requires caution ( such as a rare vase ) or extra attention.
Smaller Homes or Apartments

( 1-2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom ) usually run about $100 – $152.

Mid Size Homes
( 2-4 bedrooms, 1 – 1 1/2 baths) can run between $152 – $171.
Larger Homes

( 2-2 1/12 bathrooms, 3-5 bedrooms) running between $190 -$247 and more for homes that are several thousand square feet.​

Other considerations is the frequency of the cleanings, as it affects what is done at each cleaning. For example a weekly cleaning that costs $167.50 a week, would probably be $184.25 for bi-weekly cleaning, and $201 for cleaning done just every four weeks.

Professional Moving Cleaning

Please understand an empty home takes much longer to clean than a full home. In comparison most reoccurring cleanings take between five or six hours to clean. Moving cleaning a 2300′ home could take as much as 30-40 hours to get it to move in condition. Our base cost is .25 cents a square foot.

There is an extra nominal fee for kitchen grease build up, soap scum build up, refrigerator interior and oven interior cleaning as well as window cleaning.

For example a 800′ apartment in pristine condition would run about $255.00 including the interior of both the oven and refrigerator. On the other hand a 2600′ home would run about $705.00 for the same service.

  • Our rate for weekly or bi-weekly residential home cleaning service is competitively priced. We also offer a every four weeks, cleaning schedule.
  • Another option is our “Core Cleaning Package”. For those that don’t mind doing a little themselves, we offer to do just bathrooms, kitchen, floors and one room. 
  • For reoccurring cleanings, We ALWAYS meet the homeowner first. You set up a home walk thru with our account manager for a no obligation quote. At that time you as the homeowner explain what it is you need done and about anything that might require special attention.
What about keys ?

How do we get into your home to clean, if you are not there when we clean ? We do not want our client’s to leave their homes open, or hide their key under a bush someplace. We are happy to provide a lock box for your key ! Just leave your key inside and attach the lock box to your door handle on the days we are scheduled to transform your home. Enjoy the peace of mind that your house key isn’t floating around someplace.

Free, no obligation, no pressure in home assessment. 585-747-3938
​Call us anytime Monday – Friday 8 am – 6 pm.

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